Information Visualisation

End of studies project. Visualize the path of students within the university structure thanks to a 3D data vizualisation app operating on touch table. The user can build a profile of student as he want and then observe the evolution of this student cohort.

April 2014

Realised in partnership with Université Catholique de l'Ouest.

An Arcade & Action game available on web browser and designed for touch screens.

Try it on your web browser

November 2013
Production: 2 weeks Project made with Quentin Le Roux.
AR SIGN Battle

Augmented Reality sign App. Work in progress. Award of the - Pervasive Game Challenge - during the NEM Summit ICT Art & Tech Hackathon Nantes 2013

September 2013
Prototype production: 32 hours

Work in progress with Mathias Mouchard, Pierre Buffé, Arnaud Perrillat, and Thibaut Hunckler.
Vie marine

"Vie marine" is a joyful interactive application which allows kids to understand a simple and natural principle : "How fishes breath underwater?"
Award of the "Best Design Price" - Virtual Fantasy Demos - Laval Virtual 2013

Mars 2013
Production : one month

Project made with Quentin Le Roux, Benjamin Berger and Terence Desclain.
Oasis duty !

Augmented Reality Soda Can App.
Fill the soda can with fruit as quickly as possible to win this augmented reality game! Technical experiment with Vuforia Unity and Ar cylinder target. We are not affiliated with Oasis, it's just that we had to use a soda can and theirs are the cutest.

September 2013
Production 3 days

Experimentation made with Marie Lamouret.
Salamander !

Tablet App, Interactive storybook for children.
Scan a page from the storybook with your tablet and play the story by yourself.
In partnership with Jouve.

December 2013
Production : 5 days

Project made with Geoffrey Gorisse, Renaud Bègue, Adrien Gannerie and Souhaila Bedraoui.
User Interface

Some examples of my work in user interface design. School and personal projects.

2012 - 2013
Misc 3D.

Some examples of my work in modeling, texturing and rendering, low and high poly.

2011 - 2013


Me ?

Hello! I'm a French interaction designer at Immersion working in the field of creativity and user-friendly experiences!



Information Visualisation.
End of Studies Project.

AR SIGN Battle

Ar pervasive city game.


Let's dig some little planets !

Vie Marine

How fishes can breathe underwater ?


User interface design.

Oasis duty !

Augmented fruit's can.

Misc 3D

3D modeling & rendering.


Interactive storybook.


  • User experience design
  • Project managment
  • Interactive installations
  • VR & Augmented reality
  • User Interface design
  • 3d mobile apps
  • Research & prototyping
  • Web developement
  • Award of the - Pervasive Game Challenge - during the NEM Summit
    ICT Art & Tech Hackathon Nantes 2013
    December 2013
    Project: "AR sign Batlle" Work in progress in partnership with FI-CONTENT and Disney Research Zurich.

    Best Design Prize - Virtual Fantasy Demos - Laval Virtual 2013
    Mars 2013
    Project: "Vie marine"

    Award of the Virtual - Fantasy Competition - of Laval Virtual 2012
    Mars 2012
    Development of a 3D real-time interactive application in 30 hours on a set theme.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • Unity
  • 3ds max
  • Openspace3D
  • After Effect
  • Premiere Pro
  • Flash
  • Processing
  • Gephi
  • Camspace
  • Virtools